Presenting Represently’s Summer Fellows: Tessa Haldes Spotlight

Tessa Haldes

One Word that Best Represents You:


Tell Us One Time You Hacked Something:

This actually isn’t uncommon but it felt like a hack, I was able to get Greek citizenship before ever visiting Greece so that I did not count as a foreign player when I joined a team.

When Was Your First “Political” Moment:

My first political moment was the Obama inauguration in 2009. My high school had TVs set up in the lunchrooms and I remember watching it after school with my friends.

Ninjas or Pirates:


What’s a Random Topic on Which You are a Pseudo-expert:

I am the resident poster-making expert.

Why Reviving Representation Matters to You:

Representation is important because I want to live in a country where my voice is heard and my opinions are valued.

Tessa Haldes, who studied Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University, has technical knowledge in many fields ranging from quantum devices and software development with Python, and recently returned to the states from a year playing professional basketball in Greece.


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